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The Spliff King only stocks and sells original products such as Papers, Blunts, Trays, Grinders etc. We take pride in what we sell. All products listed are held locally and ready to ship. Courier right to your door.

with the recent shift in the South African market allot of shops alike are popping up and opening all over the net selling fake products from Chinese Wholesalers.
All our products are imported from the Origins. they say buying cheap is buying again but here at The Spliff King, we sell original products for cheap.

our aim is to provide the South African market with an original outlet for premium products for those who enjoy the finer things in life at a decent price. The beauty of being an online store only is, we are able to cut out the middle costs and because of this we are able to lower our profit margin (as we have less expenses to pay) delivering great deals to our trusty 420 clients. why be greedy to the people who will be helping you. if you win, we win. 

Please spread the love, and have a blessed day! 

The Spliff King, Strictly Original!